Upper Cervical Care

We combine the power of the adjustment with an all-natural functional wellness approach. Our state of the art facility is designed to assist you regain and maintain your health. We excel in interpreting diagnostic tests, patient history and discovering the root cause of illness with a total approach to health. 
We utilize therapeutic methods which emphasize conservative and minimally invasive approaches and minimize risk to the patient.

What Is Upper Cervical Chiropractic?

The Objective of Upper Cervical Chiropractic is to restore the body’s natural ability to heal. During these healing stages, we help speed up the process by giving your body the proper nutrients it is lacking due to the interruption from the restriction caused by subluxation. We determine these depletions by a series of tests indicated by your history and individual health condition.

Understanding UCC and functional medicine begins with finding answers to some basic questions that people often ask when they receive a new medical diagnosis:

  • - Why did I get this disease?
  • - Can this be fixed?
  • - How long will I have to suffer with this?
  • - Will I ever be 100% healthy again?
  • - What did I do wrong to develop this?
  • - Are drugs or surgery my only option?

To answer these questions, one must have a basic understanding of how the body gets sick and also how the body heals. When your body is injured or sick, nerves carry electrical impulses to the damaged cells, providing information on how to repair. These “messages” direct the overall healing process. The body’s healing energy functions at 100%, unless it’s interrupted.

If your nervous system (any nerve throughout your body) is compromised, your body is not able to properly heal itself. Problems within the nervous system are not often addressed by traditional medical treatments. Usually traditional medicine focuses only on the treatment symptoms of a diagnosed condition.

Here at Hill County Clinic of Chiropractic we use a minimally invasive technique to aid in the restoration and maintenance of health. Upper Cervical Chiropractic Internist doctors use an intense analysis to examine a patient’s nerve system and internal health. This analysis will include highly advanced computerized instrumentation, specialized x-rays as well as laboratory testing if indicated by your history. If interference is found in the patient’s nerve system, inhibiting the healing process, we are trained to remove this problem, allowing for better nervous system function. The result is restoration of the body’s natural ability to heal itself.


When health problems arise, patients usually set their focus on finding relief for their symptoms. Doctor visits, and often a prescription of drugs or surgery, soon follow. Aside from their negative side effects, traditional treatment options of drugs and surgery many times provide no more than a “Band-Aid” that masks the symptoms, instead of correcting the true cause of the health issue.

Patients who seek Upper Cervical Care (UCC) and an all-natural functional wellness life style often find relief with their symptoms and many times see their health issues completely go away.

The advanced training and extensive research gives my patients a broad wellness approach to their chronic diseases of both the blood and bone relieving them of the dependency of copious amounts of medications.

The neck is a vital and complex region of your body. In order for health to be optimized, your brain needs to communicate effectively with your entire body through the nerves that exit the spinal column. Major injury to the upper neck usually results in death or paralysis, but less severe injuries can result in serious negative long-term effects as well (such as chronic diseases processes). Like a crack in a buildings foundation, even though the crack may be small it can eventually lead to the demise of the entire building. The same is true about misalignments in your neck (our bodies foundation) that irritate your nerves and blood vessels over time and can create significant problems with your body’s ability to self-heal and overall wellness.

A misalignment combined with nerve irritation is referred to as an upper cervical subluxation. The two upper cervical vertebra (bones of your spine) are the only two that are directly in contact with the brainstem. Upper cervical chiropractors reduce the brain stem irritation and improve brain to body communication by returning proper structural balance to the upper neck. This allows messages and nutrients to travel throughout the body (places such as your heart, lungs, bowels) without interruption (such as subluxations). In short, we get your head on straight!


It is preferable to attempt to fix an injury to the upper neck as quickly as possible before symptoms can develop. However, because upper cervical chiropractic is one of the best-kept secrets in health care, most people don’t find an upper cervical chiropractor until after symptoms have developed.

Chronic disease is a process that begins almost silently with a chemical imbalance in your body. 
These imbalances are due to mechanical (an interruption in the communication from brain to body-subluxation), chemical (malnutrition, pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, industrial inhalants, or even preservatives found in our foods), or emotional (stress) problems. Correcting these imbalances cures disease. Ideally, these imbalances will be detected and corrected in their early stages. This will prevent diseases from developing into a health emergency crisis, which can result in much pain, expense, disability, and possibly death. While the use of drugs and certain medication are essential for such crisis care (in saving lives), they will never make anybody healthy.


For these patients we combine the power of the adjustment with all-natural functional wellness care.

In order to determine the perfect fuel mixture (food, vitamins, and minerals) and oxygenation (exercise) for you, it is necessary to run some of the tests which are indicated by your history and examination. 

These tests will give us the information needed to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms and your health problem.  In addition, once significant and consistent abnormal findings have been established, an upper cervical chiropractor will take precise x-rays to measure the severity of the misalignment, which may be interfering with good health. 

Using an individual’s unique findings, we will calculate the appropriate intervention necessary to return the structural imbalances back towards normal.
Since your nervous system controls all of the other systems in the body, back pain from a pinched nerve may indicate a much more serious problem other than discomfort. Prevention of disease can only be accomplished by early detection and correction of the mechanical, chemical, and stress imbalances.

Diagnostic testing is the method doctors use to determine the health status of your body. Based on a personal examination and health history the doctors may recommend that you have additional testing performed. Depending on the information needed we may utilize blood, saliva, stool and/or hair testing.

In house diagnostics are available for ease and convenience for our patients.

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